Closing Conference

During this conference the invitees could experience new points of view about our three studied subjects:
Creative Learning, Auto-correction and Self-evaluation and Teachers learn from students.

First of all, in the World Cafes, the participants were triggered to join the workshops performed in the second part of the conference.

These workshops were perfect to experience in a practical way what we studied and discovered during this two years lasting partnership: how can you learn in a creative way? How can you correct and evaluate yourself as a student and how can I, as a teacher, learn from my students?

>> Welcome and introduction Final conference Cornella

>> International conference programme 06/05/2014


The Mural

During the conference the mural grew with ideas, feelings and dreams about the Quality of educating at School!



Workshop Creative Learning

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Workshop Auto-correction and Self-evaluation

>> Introduction workshop Auto-correction and Self-evaluation

>> Folding instructions origami inflatable heart


Workshop Teachers learn from students

>> Leaflet


Photogallery (photo >> Maria Hopponen)

>> World Café

>> Workshop Creative learning

>> Workshop Auto-correction and Self-evaluation

>> Workshop Teachers learn from students

>> The Mural

>> Movy