The Comeniusproject Quality @ School

We established a partnership of schools working on the enhancement of the educational quality at school and in the class room. The consortium is composed out of schools from North, Central, South and East Europe. A pedagogical advisory body (DPB Brugge) and the Catalan Ministry of Education support and counsel the partnership.

The project is planned to start in August 2012 and ends July 31st 2014.

Most schools already have a kind of quality plan. The quality plan provides direction for the decisions and actions taken at school. However, it remains difficult to pinpoint clear effects of the quality plan in the class room. We aim at improving the approach towards quality of teaching and learning in the class room.
When enhancing the educational quality, we start from EFQM and the PDCA-idea. The cyclic steps of plan, do, check and act, result in a continuous improvement of the level of quality. In the project, the PDCA cycle is transferred to real class room situations.

Each partners selected and defined own examples of good practice (= cases). These cases will be studied and tried out in the other schools. The associated partners give support and input during those experiments and project meetings.
The results of the experiments are presented and analyzed during the project meetings. Doing so, we transform the project team into a learning community. The website contains all realised experiments.

Dissemination and valorisation will happen on different ways.
First of all, all ideas of creative learning, auto-correction, self-evaluation and learning from the students will be implemented in the school activities by all partner school.
On the other hand seminars will be organised, on the website and at a DVD the end products will be published and a network on educational quality will be set up...